Escape, Relax and Renew

Our Indulgent Massages giving you time to Relax, Restore and Renew. We are all in need of a boost right now so simply select your desired Aromatherapy and we’ll do the rest! Earth Harmony, Detox or Wood Rejuvenation. Select Option 1-3 for the more cautious approach

Option 1) Ritual Element – Body Let your senses go with this opulent massage treatment – it’s time to escape and be you! Aromatherapy Back, Neck and Shoulders massage onto arms, legs finishing with reflex pressure point massage on the feet, Incorporating hot herbal mitts. Time 55mins – £53

Add Toenail Tidy Time 75mins – £63

Option 2) Soul Balance – Reflex & Skincare Now more than ever it’s time to restore and rebalance the mind and body.
Commencing with Reflexology to re-energise the body and calm the mind, incorporating our contactless facial Dermalux working to regenerate skin cells and restore hydration.

Get the flawless spring glow! Time 70mins – £56

Option 3) Muscle Melt – Body Massage Muscle melt – focusing on particular muscle tension with our Elemental balm incorporating heated bamboo massage & healing light therapy if desired. Time 60mins – £55

Option 4) Alift, Plump & Glow Achieve the ultimate skin rejuvenation with our regenerating Alift and dermalux the contactless led phototherapy treatment renewing and repairing skin cells up to 200% faster!
Totally non-invasive skincare, working in harmony with your skins natural processes – give your skin the boost when it’s needed most & simply get up and glow! Time 60mins – £58 Introductory offer £48