The Expectant Mother

Theirs never been a more perfect time to totally spoil yourself!

Body Bliss                                            Mother-to-be Totally indulge with this Organic Body Treatment. Gentle coconut exfoliation is then followed by massage with warm shea butter, combined nourishing neroli & mandarin oil. The scalp is massaged whilst the products revitalise, enliven and restore the skin. Superb to help prevent stretch marks, tone and enrich the skin.
Time 55mins £52   Time 85mins £70 – Commencing with Back massage

Radiant Glow Facial                         Mother-to-be This ultimate skin nutrition treatment is tailor made for the expectant Mums to be! Commencing with a Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage to relieve tired aching muscles, continuing onto the face and scalp to nourish, hydrate and indulge your skin when it needs it most.
Time 70mins £55

Sole Bliss                                             Mother-to-Be At the later stages of pregnancy, when reaching the toes becomes very tricky…Indulge in this foot and leg treatment. Including foot and leg exfoliation, deep pressure massage to reduce swelling & relieve aches and pains. Add polish if desired.
Time 55mins £39

Back Massage                                     Mother-to-Be                                         To relieve those tired aching back, neck and shoulders during pregnancy
Time 25mins  £27